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'Gaia''s debut and other works at A.W.E, Bloomsbury Hotel, London

Artraits Interview about how I started my career with crowdfunding and what is important to me as an artist

Wall Street International: Likeness of Layla

April 04, 2016

"Katie uses her hyper-real painting skills to create juxtopositions between animal forms and human traits, forming surrealistic worlds where the viewer can both be lost within, and closely relate to, the scene in front of them.

FSTOP interviews Katie Buckett

FSTOP features artist Katie Buckett 
Based in London now, Katie is a vocalist and founding member of the band, Jingo. Her artistic range doesn’t stop there though – she’s a highly accomplished oil painter, shedding light to reverie. Check out this charming artist below. 

Mention in The Aestheica Review: Lacey Contemporary Gallery Opening

April 04, 2016

"The realism of these paintings draws you into a world of Brown’s creation until the real world becomes fable and you realise that what began as a mere picture has become a series of emotional inflections associated with a place you cannot quite reach. Something similar occurs in the hyper-realist paintings of Katie Buckett, where the tradition of portraiture envelops animals as well has humans, making for surrealist conjunctions of characters in banal situations."


The Notting Hill Post: Katie Buckett's hyper-real art at Lacey

April 04, 2016

Announcing the 2015 solo-exhibiton at Lacey Contemporary

Art Upon chooses 'Metamophosis', Katie's Solo-Exhibition as their Staff pick

May 25, 2013

Art upon describes Katharine Alecse's 'Metamorphosis' exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery Annexe in 2013 and makes it a staff pick.

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