Commissions & Exhibitions

Maybe you've seen a painting of mine that is already sold or you have a special place in your home which needs something special to bring your walls to life.  Feel free to contact me.  Prices are similar to my other works according to size and time needed.  I prefer to work from my own photos but we can also arrange for photography.  All commissions start with a non-refundable deposit of half of the price paid upfront.  Click 'More' at the top and 'Paintings on the Wall' to see some examples.

For upcoming exhibitions, connect with me on social media with the icons in the top right.  I also post works in progress and newly finished paintings. Or just say hi! 

These exhibitions pictured below are some of the highlights of my career so far.  Thank you to all who have supported me throughout the years to make these happen.

 'Likeness of Layla' solo-exhibiton 2015 near Holland Park, London.  video by fabio vh

These photo galleries contains albums from past collaborations, events, and exhibitions.